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Our Projects

The Ark - A new beginning

We at Care 4 Cambodia have identified a real need to help young Cambodians who suffer from Substance abuse.

Peaksneng Village

In Peaksneng Village we have a community support program that includes teaching, music lessons, variation of sports activities and upgrading current infrastructure.

Dental Care

Through some good fortune in February 2013 we have been able to work with Kids International Dental Services to introduce a Dental project for all the children of 3 schools we work with.

Kosachjonlea Island

We have started the Kosachjonlea Island Project; The Island is approximately 2 hours south east Of Phnom Pehn and is a strip of land in the middle of the Mekong River.

Sports Day

The idea generated form trying to bring the Children together for social interaction amongst different communities.

Care Packs

Care Packs were created to hand out to the Children on our visits to these places.

Hands On

Getting involved with the Villages on these occasions brings a smile to everyone’s faces and can mean the difference form a wet to Dry House, or a clean toilet with some drainage.

Health and Welfare

Nearly all these children come from poverty stricken areas such as dumps or they have unfortunately lost their parents.

Eye Care

One of our programs are the Eye Care Program. In the remote provinces of Cambodia one of the major health concerns is with sight.

Who are we?

Care 4 Cambodia was founded in 2013 by Cymone de Schipper and Evert de Schipper. The idea behind Care 4 Cambodia is to help people in need that may be overlooked by others.

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