How it all began

My wife, Cymone was told of Cambodia and the wonderful people there by a friend and as a result ended up travelling to Phnom Pehn a few months later, this was in 2006.

Cymone came back and needed to be hospitalised due to a bug contracted there, but even with this she said – we have to go back to Cambodia!

Early the next year we travelled to Phnom Pehn again, where my eyes were opened to the poverty and the need for help.

For several years we travelled back and forward to Cambodia from Australia to help wherever we could, joining us were family members and friends.

In 2013 we knew we needed to set up a Not for Profit Organisation, Care 4 Cambodia was born.

My Wife and I now Live in Siem Reap where we can look after the projects we have in place.

One of these projects led to the creation of The ARK – A New Beginning an Addiction Care and Training Centre – helping those from 8 to 30 years’ old who are caught up in their addictions. Drug addiction is usually a taboo in the families and local community. Help is usually very difficult to receive for people with addictions, hence we saw the need to help these people in need.

We still maintain the other projects including the Island project, Dental Care , Village support and Care Packs where ever we see a need.

100 % of your support goes to the all the projects we are involved with – and you can select a particular area that you would like to help.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and please contact us if you wish for any further information.

Yours Sincerely,

Evert De Schipper

Public Officer

Care 4 Cambodia

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