Care Packs

We have put together some care packs that is crafted to help families, kids and young mothers.

Care Packs

When visiting Cambodia our Care 4 Cambodia (C4C) volunteers are taken to visit C4C’s current projects.These projects are undertaken in areas were the need is seen to be the greatest and are generally very poor  schools and villages in the provinces.

The children of these schools and villages have very little to none in the way of possessions so we decided to create these packs to help them.

In the care packs we place a toy, school book, pencil, eraser, sharpener,shampoo, soap,toothbrush and paste, and a small snack.

With the help of the wonderful people from Australia we are given hand Made Cloth Bags (school bags), hand made woolen dolls, and hand made woolen beanies, these are then taken to Cambodia to place in the care packs.

To fill the bags the team go shopping with the funds that they have raised and we pack the bags ready for distribution..



School bags ($5.00 US)

Tooth Brush ,Tooth Paste ,Shampoo , Soap ,School Book ,Pencil ,Eraser, Sharpener , Beanie , Toy (Matchbox Car) or Doll.

Baby Care Packs (approx $15 USD)

Contains Formula, vitamins for mums who are breastfeeding and clothes for the babies

Family Packs (approx $20 USD)

these contain Bed Mats, Blankets, Soap and small tarpaulin.


Giving school packs at a provincial school


Child with a school pack at the Light of Hope Village


Displaying the School packs at Harvest of Hope School


Handing out Family packs at the Light of Hope Village


Happy with the pencil case


The Team hard at work packing the Care Packs


Handing out the packs on Matt island school


Friends for ever.


Health care packs given to the young women at the drug rehab center in Siem Reap.