Peaksneng Village

Peaksneng Village is a lovely community approx 38 km north of Siem Reap. Here we provide support to the local community program.

Peaksneng Village

Peaksneng is a rare community within Cambodia which has Khmer helping Khmer.

The older children from the local high school are the teachers and the students range in age from 5 years old up to the adults in the community. The children attend classes of an evening through the week and on weekends. The children come from surrounding villages they attend public school in either the mornings or evening they then work the rest of the day in the fields and attend evening classes. Care 4 Cambodia provides help with pronunciation and spelling for the older children who in turn teach the younger children.

Care 4 Cambodia has also help facilitate the construction of a secure building as the main class room which has been fitted with solar panels to provide light and fans to this room this was helped along with donations from Joseph Prince Ministries Singapore.

Care 4 Cambodia in conjunction with Penleigh Essendon Grammar have been able to secure stripes and shoes to start a football (soccer) team. The team is called F.C Peaksneng and the village community have pulled together to facilitate a training field and will invite local area teams to play friendly games.

Care 4 Cambodia will continue to provide ongoing help when and where need to ensure this wonderful community initiative cotninues to be successful.


The school as it was.


The kids are always very interested to learn.


The kids playing around with their new pencils.


Kids eating their lunch prepared by the women of the community.


The women in the community preparing the meals for the children.


The children are always proud of their work, pictured here with volunteers Jan and Dick.


It is really great to see how the whole community is helping and supporting each other.


The kids waiting patiently for their new note books.


The school, we would love to get some help to upgrade the facilities.


The finished school at Peaksneng Village. Many thanks to Joseph Prince Ministries and Penliegh Essendon Grammar School for their sponsorship.


Then there was light.


The new soccer/football teams looking great in their sponsored kits. Pictured is the under 16 girls.


Peaksneng FC Under 17 boys