Dental Care Program

Care 4 Cambodia identified a need to introduce programs to improve the Health of the Children of Cambodia

Dental Care Program

Since  February 2013 we have been  working with Kids International Dental Services and have been able to introduce a Dental project for all the children of 3 schools we work with.

On  10th February 2015 Care 4 Cambodia in conjunction with KIDS and COLT introduced another Dental program with the children from the Old Dump Site; The School there has approximately 100 Children, who are transported to the COLT (Cambodian Organisation for Living and Temporary Care) Site for their Dental Education and Treatment.

The ages of the Children Treated range from 6 to 16 Years of age they are then followed up with a 6 month Fluoride Treatment in July of each Year.

Both these projects are ongoing and will continue for years to come with help from generous donors.


Kids International mission statement:

“KIDS provides pro-bono, preventative and emergency pediatric dentistry to impoverished children in developing countries around the world. This is not Western dentistry; the treatment of infected mouths and abscessed teeth is basic health care.”

“In each community, KIDS dentists work under primitive conditions, with little or no access to electricity. During these visits, many of the children receive dental care for the first time in their lives, so treatment is focused on relieving severe pain and preventing serious infections that could impact a child’s health and quality of life. In addition to extracting teeth and draining painful abscesses, dentists perform ART restorations (fillings that are placed as a treatment alternative to extraction), and molar sealants. Although we are constantly seeking out new communities to serve, KIDS makes every effort to return to the same villages year after year. We’ve seen many successes in these villages; the children look forward to our annual visits, the number of teeth pulled each year decreases, and we see an improvement in overall oral health in the communities.”

“KIDS is also dedicated to educating the communities we visit in basic oral hygiene practices. In most cases, this means teaching children to use a toothbrush for the first time in their lives. Additionally, we educate the children and community members on the effects of various foods on their teeth, as well as the benefits of maintaining healthy teeth and mouth. It is our hope that our work in each village will bring awareness to the community and that a positive impact of our visit will be felt long-term.”


New use for school desks.


One patient is receiving treatment.


For many of the kids this is the first time they ever received any dental care.


The volunteers working outdoors.


The volunteers are doing a great job for the community.


A young girl nervously waits for the dentist. Two volunteers Srey Touich and Panha help to calm her down.


The kids are truly brave, for many of them this is the first encounter with a dentist.


It is very encouraging having the volunteers come in and help the community. They are doing great work!