Eye Care

One of the major health concerns in the remote areas are sight.

Eye Care


At Care 4 Cambodia we wish to help those in need by developing programs which will improve their lives.

The eye care program helps them by making sure they have the best future possible. In the remote provinces of Cambodia one of the major health concerns is with sight. We have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be working with a group called: The Eye Care Foundation.

Mr Thong Chung Leng has allowed us to closely working with the eye care foundation in Phnom Pehn,
“The Eye Care Foundation’s primary focus is on reducing cataract blindness, one of the most common eye diseases in the world.

Since cataract blindness is a global problem and responsible for causing the majority of avoidable blindness’s, this treatment is of the highest priority. We provide financial support to enable eye camps to be run in remote areas by local medical teams. In temporary clinics as many patients as possible are operated on by local teams. For the people this is often their only access to eye care.”

The main focus of the Eye Care Foundation is on setting up sustainable eye care in all their projects in Cambodia and to assist the poorest people for whom medical care is inaccessible or not affordable.

The Eye Care Foundation also arranges for local (schools) screening projects and eye camps (often in remote areas where medical care is not available) where ophthalmologists can ensure that the patients that need direct help receive it .


Trying on glasses brought from Australia


The local community lines up for the eye screening.


An older gentleman is receiving an eye screening. For many people in the remote areas of Cambodia this has previous been inaccessible.


Eye test in progress.


The volunteers are doing an amazing job! They wont call it a day until everyone has got the help they need.


The waiting room.