Hands on Building

We encourage all our visitors to Cambodia to “get their hands dirty” and get involved with the locals to help to build up the villages.

Hands on Building

Care 4 Cambodia encourages team members to be hands on, and this may mean a day laboring or helping to keep the village children busy while work is being done.

All work performed by C4C is done under the supervision of locals and this sometimes can be very amusing, Cambodians think it is quiet funny watching us doing the work that they do, with the tools that they use.

We have learnt some very useful skills and also made some wonderful friends through working hands on amongst the locals.
A day out with C4C working can be anything from tarping a house to prevent rain getting in to painting, tiling, plumbing, concreting, rendering, digging holes for toilets and anything else that you can think of.
Also a trip to the local markets to buy the relevant equipment can be a real experience with an amazing variety of tools and goods available, all of a standard we may not be used to at home.

Getting involved with the Villages brings a smile to everyone’s faces and can be a great deal of fun and this is one of the activities that really lets you experience the Cambodian culture.

Lunch on these days is often shared with the Villagers and they go to a lot of trouble to supply and we are always careful to get the “right’ food to prevent a troubled night


Tearing down the old school at Light of Hope.


The new School building at Light of Hope.


Painting the first medical room at Harvest of Hope School.


Finishing of the 2nd medical room at Harvest of Hope School.


Renderring the Stairs at Tarshas Legacy Centre.


New toilet, almost as good as the ones at the Hilton.


Land filling.


Covering a damaged house with tarps.


Fixing a house in Siem Reap.


Building the new school at Light of Hope.


Leveling out the driveway at the Pastors House Light of Hope Village.


Solar panels are environmentally friendly and provides power that is a lot more cost effective than electricity.


Wooden benches are made for the community.


Everyone is giving a helping hand.


The new wooden benches ready for the local school.


Solar panels are placed on the roof.