Health and Welfare

An important part of what our team do in Cambodia relates to the Health and Welfare of Children.

Health and Welfare

Care 4 Cambodia provides health and welfare programs for the poorest of the Cambodian people wherever possible.
Men, Women and children of Cambodia suffer from a multitude of Illnesses and Diseases such as Aids, Malaria, Dengue, TB, Cholera as well as from Malnutrition. Within some regions of Cambodia the infant mortality is as high as 20% and less than 35% of Cambodians have access to clean drinking water.

Clean drinking water is a major factor in preventing disease and dysentery. Some of the simplest causes of death in young children are diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration, parasites and infections from cuts, abrasions and tooth infections.
Care 4 Cambodia has tried to alleviate many of the causes of illness by providing Education, water filters, hygiene packs, wells and de lousing programs.

We encourage health professionals to join our teams to provide simple health checks to help identify medical issues that can be dealt with, as well as delivering information sessions providing practical advice on prevention.

At all times we have a small medical kit with us so as to be able to treat cuts and grazes and any other small issues and when deemed necessary we arrange for visits to the local medical clinic or hospital at the organisations expense.
We rely on help from donors and volunteers so if you would like more information o how you can help please contact us.



Water filters supplied to families in need.


Conditions around the old dump, just behind the local school.


Health checks are carried out on the newborn babies.


Delousing the children at the Light of Hope Village.


De-lousing the school children.