Kosachjonlea Island Project

The Island is approximately 2 hours south east Of Phnom Pehn and is a strip of land in the middle of the Mekong River.

Kosachjonlea Island Project

The team at Care 4 Cambodia have always been concerned at the throwaway mentality of those in need and the expectation that there will always be non-profit organisations who will give them money, food and equipment, this has been witnessed by us on our return visits to areas where you find the equipment / buildings that were supplied are in a state of disrepair and in a lot of cases beyond repair, with this project we are looking at changing this mind set.

This is why we have started the Kosachjonlea Island Project; The Island is approximately 2 hours south east Of Phnom Pehn and is a strip of land in the middle of the Mekong River

Working with Phillip who runs 3 schools in this region, we initially gave tarpaulins to cover roofs and walls to keep out the rain. This will continue, but as most of the old houses on the Island are riddled with termite eaten wood, which collapses with any sort of weight, it was deemed necessary to create a longer term approach to fixing the issues on the Island.

Care 4 Cambodia has put a program together to supply the local villagers with housing which could be a new house, a toilet, and a repaired house – with the proviso that the Family pays a Percentage of the Building and therefore has Ownership and will take care of it, the average income for a Family is about $100 US a Month

These can be valued between $250 US up to $650 US with the Family supplying a small Percentage of the cost anywhere between 5% and 20% depending on the financial status of the family , this is also paid back to the Village Chief over a period of between 6 to 24 Months , typically this would be $450 US Paid by Care 4 Cambodia – the Family would pay back 20% of the total Value – $90US with a small deposit of $10 and paid over 12 months = $6.65 US per Month

The house and the payment structure are reviewed by Care 4 Cambodia every 6 months to ensure the project is sustainable.

All funds paid back will assist to fund the next family on Kosachjonlea Island.

Whist the cost to the families to buy their house is minimal the signs are extremely encouraging in the “This Is My House “factor and is the reward for all involved.



The house was falling apart around the owners.


The very happy owner is pictured here after all the repairs (the rain poured about 3 hours later).


The condition of most of the houses on the island is really poor and are a health hazard.


The island is famous for its beautifully coloured Mats.


This house was built for a family in need on the island.


One of the familly houses we are looking to support.


A young child and his family in need of better housing.


A normal family home on the island.