Sport Days

In 2012 The Olympics were held in London, at the same time a Team from Care 4 Cambodia were organising a Visit to Cambodia.

Sport Days


Care 4 Cambodia wanted to further strengthen the social interaction between the schools that we work with and this we achieved by introducing an inter school carnival which was christened the Mini Olympics .

The Mini Olympics includes children from the 3 schools on and around Kosachjonlea Island coming together to enjoy a fun filled day of sports and friendship. The youth from the local church volunteer as referees and house masters for the day.

The Children love the sports day and train for particular events for week leading up to it the events include running, football, volleyball, javelin, and for a bit of fun  egg and spoon and three legged races.

On the day the children are provided with a healthy lunch and snacks with water also. The emphasis for the day is team support, good sportsmanship and healthy eating. Children are also encourage to think of the environment and clean up the field after.

This annual event helps up to 350 children learn the importance of fair play.

The sports day is funded by Care 4 Cambodia with the assistance of our valued supporters.



Light of Hope School arriving on the back of a truck.


Relocated Children from the Slaughterhouse Village join the sports day for the first time.


The three legged race.


50 meters relay


Lunch after all the hard work


A relay race in action.


The kids get ready for the race.


Football is one of the sports we play on the sports day.


The winner!


The participants posing for the camera.


Relaxing after a long day of activities.


Team meeting discussing tactics.


Dinner after a hard days work.


The children’s dinner is vitamin and nutrition rich with fruits and vegetables.